- How It Works -

Step 1:
Return the Registation Card that is in your package in a timely manner.

Step 2:
Start with the QuickCards®. Study one subject at a time. Fold the QuickCards® to self test. When you're satisfied that you know them well, sign off on that subject. The sign off sheet is in your package.

Step 3:
Study the Posters. Sign off on each poster when you are satisfied you know it well.

Step 4:
Do the Math Practice until you can do pharmacy math really, really well. When you're satisfied that you can do every type of pharmacy math really well, sign it off on the sign off sheet.

Step 5:
At this point, you should be ready to take the NAPLEX®.
Call us at 330-243-2900
We will then turn on our online testing, so you can take tests at no charge, for one month.

Step 6:
Our guarantee! You must take 3 tests on the same day and do well on all 3 tests:
Math Practice 95%
QuickCard® Summary 85%
NAPLEX® Sample Test 85%

When you have successfully done this, we guarantee that you will pass.
If you should be unsuccessful we will refund the purchase price or we will work with you until you are successful; your choice. This guarantee only applies to graduates of a US College of Pharmacy. This guarantee is only good for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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